The Legend of Saint Valentine

Valentine’s Day started back in the third century with a brutal Roman Emperor Claudius II and a humble Christian martyr Saint Valentine (Valentinius in Latin). Claudius II ordered all Romans to compulsorily worship 12 gods, declaring death penalty for all those who don’t follow it. St.Valentine was solely dedicated towards Christianity. And so he was imprisoned for not following the Emperor’s orders. On February 14, St. Valentine was beheaded. (The year might be 269, 270, or 273 BC.) Hence began the celebration of this day as the day of love – Valentine’s Day.
Three saints named Valentine 
Valentine’s Day soon began as a ritual among other Christian saints named Valentine. But there were three different saints named Valentine or Valentinius and all of them were martyrs. Amongst them the first legend was a priest and served during the third century in Rome. It is said that St. Valentinius belonged to Rome and was first imprisoned for performing weddings of soldiers who were not allowed to marry and were persecuted under the Roman Empire.
According to the myth, during this St. Valentinius imprisonment, he medicated Julia, the blind daughter of Jailor Asterius. St. Valentinus also wrote a letter and signed it saying ‘Your Valentine’. St. Valentine soon fell in love with the jailor’s youngest daughter who now could see the entire world just because the powers of St. Valentine. Later, when St. Valentine was beheaded, Julia planted a pink blossom almond tree near his grave.
In the 18 century, people used to celebrate this day expressing their love towards their partners and gifting flowers or greeting cards.
Is Valentine’s Day just about couples?
No, it’s not! Valentine’s Day symbolised the love between St. Valentine and Julia but the meaning of this day changed a bit over the years. In the 21st century, an almond tree stands as a symbol trust, never-ending love and friendship. On February 14, people also honour St. Valentine and remember him as a symbol of affection, love and devotion.
It is also said that just to remind the brave men of their vows and remember God’s love, St. Valentine had cut his heart form out of parchment and given it to soldiers. He also gave it to newly married couples. And that’s the reason why there is widespread use of hearts on Valentine’s Day.
Can Valentine’s Day be celebrated with your friends and family?
Valentine’s Day can be celebrated with whomever you love, not necessarily your lover. You could also celebrate this day with your friend, family member or your own self! Valentine’s Day is all about pampering your loved one by giving a heart-shaped chocolate box, flowers, and greetings. Apart from doing all these fancy things, simply just express your gratitude to your beloved and take the time to tell them that they mean a lot to you.
Why to celebrate this day dedicated towards love?
Whether you are a romantic person or not, celebrate the romantic day and pamper yourself too! Valentine’s Day is not a holiday neither is it just for couples, but this day has become a ritual for each one of us. Many people think that it is wrong to celebrate love on a particular day and just once in a year. Expressing love does not need a particular day – it happens almost every day; it’s just the way how an individual sees it.
But like we said Valentine’s Day is not just restricted to couples any more. So enjoy it with your friends/siblings/parents! Happy Valentine Day 2015!
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